30 Ninjas is an award-winning digital entertainment company that develops, writes and produces dynamic and engaging VR, multi-platform and interactive content.

Projects have been nominated for several Emmy Awards and have won Shorty, D&D Pencil, Social TV Grand Prize and other well-regarded industry awards.


Doug Liman, Founder

Doug Liman is a director-producer. In 2000 he produced and directed the Bourne Identity which spawned a five movie franchise including Jason Bourne currently in theaters (he stayed on as a producer for the sequels). Liman secured the rights to the franchise from novelist Robert Ludlum after flying his small airplane into a remote airport in the Teton mountains to court the writer. Liman’s filming has taken him on other adventures including Baghdad during the war for the filming of Fair Game, Egypt on the eve of revolution, Haiti in the aftermath of the Earthquake. His other credits include Swingers, Go, Mr and Mrs Smith, Jumper, Live Die Repeat (Edge of Tomorrow), and two movies due out in the next year: American Made with Tom Cruise and the Wall with Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena. He is also Executive Producer of the critically acclaimed hit tv series Suits which is in it’s sixth season on USA Networks.

Julina Tatlock, Founder & CEO

Julina Tatlock founded 30 Ninjas with Doug Liman in 2008. She is Executive Producer and a Director of the six-part VR mini-series, “Invisible”.

Tatlock’s awards and nominations include: Two Shorty Awards, three Emmy Nominations (2 Outstanding Original Interactive Programming and Outstanding Work in Long Form Investigative Journalism), one SXSW Nomination (Best Interactive Film/TV Campaign), one TV of Tomorrow Award (Most Most Significant Content Offering), winner of Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary, both the Grand Prize and Best Mixed Media Award at the World Internet Animation Festival, and was nominated for Best Animation Award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Prior to founding 30 Ninjas, Tatlock spent 15 years in television working at Martha Stewart Living and Oxygen Media.

Jed Weintrob, President

Jed Weintrob is a media executive and award-winning producer, director and writer who has been at the leading edge of adapting new technologies and techniques to filmed content ranging from the first generation of CD-ROM video games through Internet entertainment, mobile video and VR.

Mr. Weintrob recently served as Interim President, Content & Production of Industrial Color and as President, Global Edit & Production at Deluxe Entertainment Services Group.  Prior to Deluxe, Mr. Weintrob built the digital video studio and content production team at Condé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ) and served as Vice President and Head of Production. At CNÉ, Mr. Weintrob oversaw all aspects of the production, programming and release of the company’s digital video content, which include more than 200 original Web series and more than 5,000 episodes.

Mr. Weintrob first worked with 30 Ninjas when he launched Condé Nast’s foray into Virtual Reality, producing Invisible, a VR series directed by Doug Liman.  He negotiated a joint venture between CNÉ, Samsung and Jaunt VR, establishing Mr. Weintrob as an industry leader at the intersection of virtual reality and original content production.

Prior to CNÉ, Mr. Weintrob founded Orion Pictures Interactive, a video game company that was acquired by MGM.  After the acquisition, Mr. Weintrob founded and served as President of Arena Films 3D, where he executive produced and directed Experience 3D, a 10-episode series for the launch of Discovery Channel’s 3Net. 

Mr. Weintrob executive produced the feature film, Kill Me Three Times, a multi-strand thriller starring Simon Pegg and Teresa Palmer.  His prior films as director, On_Line and The F Word, garnered international awards and critical acclaim at numerous festivals including Sundance, Berlin and Tribeca before going on to successful worldwide releases.


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