Virtually Dating
Are You Afraid of the Date

Sara is scared of everything; Andrew isn't scared of anything. We dropped both of them into an abandoned school for a virtual date, but they quickly realize that they aren't alone...

Posted by Virtually Dating on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Facebook / Conde Nast Entertainment

Virtually Dating

Two people are set up on a blind date that takes place entirely in a virtual reality world.

We partnered with Facebook and Conde Nast to create the ultimate first date! Two strangers are scanned in 3D, fitted with motion capture suits and then placed into the VR world where their date can include anything from an adventure in a fantasy castle to being scared sh*tless in an abandoned school. Using Unreal Game Engine, we created out-of-this-world interactive environments for two unsuspecting strangers to explore. The daters were able to play bowling in London, pick up buried treasure on a deserted island, and walk across a plank placed over a four story drop! But through all of the adventures, were they able to find true love?

  • Virtual Reality
  • Interactive Design
  • UI Design
  • Original Content
  • Narrative

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